About The Young Retro Motor Club

Got a retro or classic car? The YRMC is the perfect place to get stuck in with many like-minded and friendly people! No matter your age, if you are young at heart, you are welcome to join!

At the YRMC we proudly run a thriving 13,000-member, retro vehicle enthusiast Facebook community. Here we discuss our car stories (or breakdowns!), ask for advice and guidance and proudly show everyone our beloved vehicles.

We champion all classic vehicle enthusiasts, whether you own a show winner, daily driver, or restoration project. We don’t mind a bit of rust or oil leaks at all! Originality and customisation are both welcomed and encouraged within our community.

At the YRMC, we are very community focused and actively support you to join us at one of our meet-ups or classic car events. We hope we have sparked your interest! We would love to see you and your motors in our community, pop on over to our Facebook group and introduce yourself.­

A fan of stickers? In our brand-new shop, we supply fun stickers, which we design and make just for you and your motor. All of our YRMC merchandise is made and designed in the UK. If your car needs more horsepower, we recommend the shiny ones!