Young Retro Motor Club

A friendly community, aimed at younger classic car enthusiasts and owners.

The Young Retro Motor Club wasn't always this large, originally it was a selection of 3 friends who are all classic car enthusiasts back in 2014. I had created a Facebook group where me, my friends and other young classic car enthusiasts could discuss our passion freely without others negative judgement (a point we still take pride in today). The group is now a thriving, interactive, friendly online community.

To us we really do not mind if you have a show winner, rust bucket or restoration project, originality and customisation are both appreciated and encouraged. If you are looking to get into the classic car scene and unsure of where to start, you’ve found the perfect place to get stuck in with many like minded people!

At the YRMC, we are very community focused and actively encourage meet ups, events and visits to classic vehicle related shows. We want to see what you own and where your passion for classics is focused!

We define classic and retro vehicles as pre-1998, but do not discourage those with slightly more modern vehicles from being a solid member of our club!

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